9/12/2017 - Restart the new school year...

 ...Bible study for the present school year started last Tuesday evening! Next week, 9/19, we will begin our study of the book of James. Please join us - there's plenty of coffee and cookies for everyone:-) 

      The winners of the origins of the summer’s Bible quotes  - the Ross twosome won the contest for answering the questions posed in last summer's emails, hands down I might add. The prizes were stupendous! You'll want to be alert for next summer's contest!

      This Tuesday we will consider who James was. When he probably wrote. And we'll begin to unpack what he had to say.  He didn't write "to us" but he did write "for us." 

      We will have Francis Chan as our guide. You're not going to want to miss it - mark your calendar.  See you Tuesday!

...NOTE the new location - 402 Dawson Trail, Georgetown

      Recently read: "Many folks want to serve God, - but only as advisers..."